Justice League NYC was co-founded by Carmen Perez and Marvin Bing, Jr. in 2013 as a task force of The Gathering For Justice.  Calling on their peers – youth leaders exceptional talent and promise -  Justice League NYC quickly assembled as a diverse group of young criminal justice experts, direct service providers, activists, advocates, artists and formerly incarcerated individuals bringing their resources to the table to create a blueprint to reform the criminal and social justice system in NY City and State.

The first initiative of Justice League was a 3-Day Juvenile Justice Conference “Growing Up Locked Down” (GULD) at The New School in September 2014.  Soon after GULD, and immediately following the non- indictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, Justice League began to organize and established itself over the ensuing months as an urgent, rapid-response organism. By keeping public pressure on the city with a number of high profile acts (like getting I Can’t Breathe t shirts worn by Jay Z and the Brooklyn Nets on live TV in front of the visiting Royal Family) and publishing a List of 10 Demands for Redress & Accountability, Justice League was brought into meetings with high-level city and state officials, including private meetings with the Mayor and Governor, while gaining attention and growing momentum for the movement on the streets. March2Justice, a 9-day, 250-mile march from NYC to Washington DC was the largest and most challenging endeavor for Justice League so far, but the impact has been enormous.  Two of the 3 federal bills we marched with – to end racial profiling and stop the militarization of the police – were re-introduced within days of our arrival in DC.  And the third bill, the Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act, was re-authorized in the House and expected to pass the Senate this year. 

Justice League’s goals include collaborations with the NYC Comptroller’s office, continuing to work with members of the NY State Legislature on comprehensive criminal justice reform like Raise the Age, and building our Coalition Family in order to have more impact in the ongoing pursuit of our Demands.

For more information contact nyjusticeleague@gmail.com