In December 2014, Justice League NYC, an initiative of The Gathering For Justice, presented a list of DEMANDS to the City of New York. #1 is the immediate firing of Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo and all officers involved in the killing of Eric Garner. The NYPD's Patrol Guide clearly states that officers are not to use chokeholds.

In our meeting with Mayor de Blasio on December 19, we expressed our unwavering demand that Daniel Pantaleo be immediately removed from the NYPD payroll. In response, the Mayor stated that there is an ongoing investigation and Commissioner Bratton will make a decision based on the results of said investigation. We respect due process, however, as we've seen in New York and across the country, due process within a historically racist system frequently results in injustice.  We the taxpayers, should not have to pay the salaries of police officers who kill unarmed members of our communities.

Justice League NYC is absolutely clear that the firing of one officer will not solve the problems of systemic racism that plagues the NYPD, but the officers involved in Eric Garner's death must pay the consequences for their actions. We need accountability and we will not stop until we get it. The Garner family deserves it. New Yorkers deserve it.

 We won't just sit back and wait. We will track the days, hours and minutes until the investigation of the officers involved in killing Eric Garner is complete and to see whether Commissioner Bratton will do what is right. Nothing less than #FIREPANTALEO! 

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