Back in 2015, Justice League NYC joined Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) as a coalition partner to help pass the Right to Know Act. This legislative package consisted of two bills that would improve transparency and accountability within the NYPD.

Int. 182B of the Right to Know Act would help end abuses in a range of non-emergency police encounters by requiring officers to identify themselves and explain the reason for the official interaction.

Int. 541A would help end deceptive and unconstitutional searches by requiring officers to explicitly convey a person’s right to refuse a search when their consent is the only legal justification, and obtain objective proof that a person gave informed and voluntary consent. 

Well, in early January, 2018, Right To Know Act passed - and while we won on Intro 541, we didn’t get Intro 182.  So the work continues for comprehensive reform, but we will take the small win, and carry on...