The Gathering for Justice has run arts, cultural and educational programming inside the Bronx Horizons Juvenile Detention Center. Programs generally run anywhere from 4 – 16 weeks and have included storytelling workshops with NYC’s popular cultural organization The Moth, a writing program with NYU professor and performance artist Bryonn Bain, a hip hop theory course with artists Immortal Technique and Mysonne, a film series, and more. In addition, our President and CEO has provided leadership training and Know Your Rights training for the incarcerated youth. The Gathering also provides a safe place and connection on the outside upon release. Many of the young people’s spoken word and poetry were incorporated into the GULD Conference in September 2014 and were a part of our 10th anniversary event in 2015. Since the programs began, there is a zero recidivism rate among students who have been part of The Gathering’s classes and been released.

For more information, please contact info@gatheringforjustice.org