Call you representative

  • INDIVISIBLE is working closing to eliminate the anti-immigration law. Congressman Goodlatte ( R ) and Paul Ryan, Speaker of House of Representative ( R ) proposals failed through the house vote. However, Republicans are keeping Dreamers hostage in exchange for massive spending on the border wall. 


  • Call your representatives and demand a sustainable, comprehensive, and humane immigration reform bill that ends indefinite detention, protects existing programs for refugees and immigrants, and the doing away with ICE.


Give to organizations on  the ground along the border, who are providing legal support, bailing families out, healthcare, and supporting reunification.

  1. RAICES Texas who is bailing families out of detention centers and supporting reunification.

  2. Circle of Health International providing health care to children and pregnant women across detention centers.

  3. Pueblo Sin Fronteras providing shelter, food, and legal advice.

  4. ACLU is working on proactive legislation that offers opportunity to attend school, seek professional licenses,and apply for driver’s licenses. Find your local affiliates.



Express your outrage to companies, universities, and organizations profiting off the deportation, detainment, and separation of families of color. Here are just a few of the entities that do business with ICE:

Northeastern University, Johns Hopkins University, Motorola, Deloitte Consulting, Dell, Xerox, Canon, Amazon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, LinkedIn, and UPS.