Statement on Resignation of NYPD Commissioner William Bratton issued by Justice League NYC Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Gathering for Justice, Carmen Perez:

Justice League NYC is gratified by yesterday’s announcement that Commissioner Bratton has resigned from the NYPD.  However, as the orchestrator of the systemically racist programs that have targeted and victimized our communities since his first stint as Commissioner in the 90’s, he should never have been hired in the (second) place.  We hope that the racially-biased policing programs he implemented – from Broken Windows to Stop & Frisk to the racially-biased quota system exposed by the NYPD12 – are put to rest along with all misleading characterizations of Bratton as a “reformer”.   Bratton will leave his post with community distrust in the NYPD at an all-time high, and claims of excessive force by police in poor and minority neighborhoods rising.  In fact just this past weekend, our friend and colleague NYC Assemblyman Michael Blake was assaulted by police in his district during an afternoon community event.   No, Commissioner Bratton has been no champion of real police reform.  And so, while we are encouraged by his exit, we will continue to work on the vital reform initiatives that New York City needs and deserves like passing the Right to Know Act.   We will not be satisfied with anything less than meaningful and transparent policing reform that makes our communities safer and disengages from the systemic racism left in his wake.  
But true reform cannot happen until accountability is prioritized.
Three weeks ago Justice League joined thousands of New Yorkers commemorating the two-year anniversary of the death of Eric Garner.  For nearly two years Justice League has called on the Mayor to fire officer Daniel Pantaleo for killing Mr. Garner – in fact it is the first of the 10 Demands we released in December 2014.
Commissioner Bratton’s departure is a real opportunity for Mayor de Blasio to show leadership and do right by the Garner family and the communities that he vowed to fight for - and get Daniel Pantaleo off the NYPD payroll once and for all.   
It’s time, Mr. Mayor.  New Yorkers deserve a police force that truly protects and serves.