Luis Hernandez emerged as a young leader fighting for his brother and continued as a champion for justice reform and gun violence prevention. He joined Justice League NYC in the summer of 2017 when he was just 15 years old. We met Luis while working on a rapid response campaign to free his brother Pedro Hernandez from Rikers, where he had been wrongfully incarcerated for more than a year.  Immediately Luis was impressive - even in such a wrought environment, sitting in a room with dozens of seasoned organizers, activists and elected officials, Luis expressed his pain, while understanding the systemic injustice that surrounded his brother's situation. 48 hours after we met Luis and his mother, Pedro was back home with them. Luis quickly become a leader of Justice League NYC. His intelligence, compassion, enthusiasm and spirit of generosity brought us to hire him last year as our Justice League NYC coordinator when he was just 16. In which he did a remarkable job helping organize our NYC based team. At the same time, after last year's Parkland School massacre, Luis and his peers began organizing youth in the NYC area. He led #Enough walkouts with Women’s March Youth Empower, and is now a second term member on the cohort. He also helped organize the 2018 Youth Over Guns March over the Brooklyn Bridge, and now serves as the Executive Director of Youth Over Guns, an extremely successful youth-led organization and the official youth branch of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. Shortly before his 17th birthday this past February (2019), we promoted him to Youth Leadership + Engagement Coordinator!

Luis has always brought his full self - every idea and ounce of energy - to The Gathering for Justice and Justice League NYC. All while holding down a rigorous high school schedule, maintaining all of his other commitments, and being a Cause Ambassador with Boy Meets Girl USA.