In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, we invite you to join us on Twitter for #Dream4Justice

We enter a New Year with our communities under more and growing threat.  Our local and federal governments are increasing their hostilities, further institutionalizing their discriminations and disproportionately targeting people of color in new ways with increasing alarm.  We need to ask ourselves - what must we do to build the "beloved community" of which Dr. King dreamed? 

Our answer:  in order to build, we must first dismantle.

As Justice League NYC prepares to launch a national campaign to "End the War On Children" this year, we have been digging deeper into studying the systems that contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline and other contributing factors that enliven mass incarceration.  In December our staff spent weeks in Philadelphia meeting with local organizers and activists and incarceration experts, and visiting the various city courts - including spending a day in the courtroom of Judge Genece Brinkley - the judge who recently and unjustly incarcerated Meek Mill for a probation violation.  What we discovered was disturbing.  We will be sharing our work throughout the year in a number of initiatives, including trainings and Town Halls.

Please join us on Monday as we kick off this critical conversation with a "Twitter Town Hall".  At 12pm ET simply join us on Twitter at this link.  Or find us @nyjusticeleague.  We'll be setting the stage for the year to come and highlighting some of our Philly findings, while continuing to advocate for the immediate release of Meek Mill, born Robert Williams.